Rocki Branding

Tiana Educational, Graphic Design, Marketing

Rocki Logo

Overview The goal of this project was to create a company concept and branding for an ice cream shop, avoiding the typical cliches associated with ice cream brands. The concept for this brand is an ice cream shop modeled after a bar. Located just north of Downtown Lancaster City, this ice cream bar would cater to 18-24 year old college … Read More

MTN Coffee Branding

Tiana Educational, Graphic Design, Marketing

Coffee Beans Mockup

For this project, I was assigned a brand archetype and a cliché. My archetype was the explorer and my cliché was a coffee company. My objective was to create a coffee brand that encompassed the explorer archetype. To begin, I researched both the explorer archetype as a whole and established brands with the explorer archetypes. Then, I worked on creating … Read More

The Barn Branding

Tiana Freelance, Graphic Design, Marketing

the barn arch

For this project, I worked with The Barn to complete a rebrand. The Barn is a part of a larger organization called Three Springs Ministries. The logo was to reflect elements of Three Springs Ministries’ parent logo, including the colors and typography. At the beginning of this project, I spoke with the director of The Barn and established their mission … Read More

Make-A-Wish Marketing and Ad Series

Tiana Educational, Graphic Design, Marketing

Seed to Flower Mockup

[Created in Collaboration with Abagail Norman] The concept of this project was to research The Make-A-Wish Foundation, conduct a case study, and create a conceptual ad series. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a nonprofit founded in 1981. Their mission is to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Their four main areas of impact are strength, hope, transformation, and community. … Read More

Starbucks Marketing and Campaign Poster

Tiana Educational, Marketing

Starbucks Poster Mockup

The Jonesboro, GA location is part of a Starbucks initiative to help underdeveloped areas. The concept of this project was to build community through a holiday promotional poster. In order to create an effective advertisement, a case study was conducted complete with market research and visual audits. From this research, campaign was proposed. The resulting poster advertised Good Neighbor Day. … Read More