Murph Challenge Graphics

Tiana Freelance, Graphic Design

Murph Logo

[In collaboration with Mia Epley] The LU Murph Challenge is a charity event benefiting the National Center for Healthy Veterans. Named after veteran and hero Lt. Michael P. Murphy, this cross fit challenge consists of a one mile run, one hundred pull ups, two hundred push ups, three hundred squats, followed by another one mile run. This student run event … Read More

Rocki Branding

Tiana Educational, Graphic Design, Marketing

Rocki Logo

Overview The goal of this project was to create a company concept and branding for an ice cream shop, avoiding the typical cliches associated with ice cream brands. The concept for this brand is an ice cream shop modeled after a bar. Located just north of Downtown Lancaster City, this ice cream bar would cater to 18-24 year old college … Read More

MTN Coffee Branding

Tiana Educational, Graphic Design, Marketing

Coffee Beans Mockup

For this project, I was assigned a brand archetype and a cliché. My archetype was the explorer and my cliché was a coffee company. My objective was to create a coffee brand that encompassed the explorer archetype. To begin, I researched both the explorer archetype as a whole and established brands with the explorer archetypes. Then, I worked on creating … Read More

Aesop’s Fables Editorial Illustration

Tiana Educational, Graphic Design

Aesop's Fables Editorial Illustration

This illustration is for Jo Wimpenny’s article titled “Aesop’s Fables: The Science Behind What the Stories Got Wrong.” This article specifically discusses four different animals from Aesop’s Fables, including monkeys, donkeys, wolves, and crows. These animals became the focus of this editorial illustration. In the planning process, I did research, brainstormed, and sketched both the illustrations and possible layouts. I … Read More

Anne of Green Gables Book Design

Tiana Educational, Graphic Design

Anne of Green Gables Cover Design

For this project, I designed a hard cover for the book “Anne of Green Gables,” and typeset a chapter. I started by sketching different layout options and illustrations for the book cover. I then worked in Illustrator to design the cover. I used the pen tool to draw the border and the hat. I manipulated the type to create the … Read More

The Barn Branding

Tiana Freelance, Graphic Design, Marketing

the barn arch

For this project, I worked with The Barn to complete a rebrand. The Barn is a part of a larger organization called Three Springs Ministries. The logo was to reflect elements of Three Springs Ministries’ parent logo, including the colors and typography. At the beginning of this project, I spoke with the director of The Barn and established their mission … Read More

Make-A-Wish Marketing and Ad Series

Tiana Educational, Graphic Design, Marketing

Seed to Flower Mockup

[Created in Collaboration with Abagail Norman] The concept of this project was to research The Make-A-Wish Foundation, conduct a case study, and create a conceptual ad series. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a nonprofit founded in 1981. Their mission is to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Their four main areas of impact are strength, hope, transformation, and community. … Read More

Starbucks Marketing and Campaign Poster

Tiana Educational, Marketing

Starbucks Poster Mockup

The Jonesboro, GA location is part of a Starbucks initiative to help underdeveloped areas. The concept of this project was to build community through a holiday promotional poster. In order to create an effective advertisement, a case study was conducted complete with market research and visual audits. From this research, campaign was proposed. The resulting poster advertised Good Neighbor Day. … Read More